Types of Auto Parts Returns

New Part Returns
Warranty Part Returns
Core Deposits and Returns

Product Warranties
Requesting an RMA
General Return Instructions
Items Lost or Damaged in Transit

All returns require an RMA. You may generate your RMA online or download and print our return and exchange form.

Product Warranties

All parts are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranties. Warranties are for 2 year or 24,000 miles from the original date of purchase, Oembimmerparts.com, LLC warrants that at the time of shipment the products sold will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Oembimmerparts.com, LLC's maximum liability shall NOT in any case exceed the purchase price (excluding shipping charges) for the products purchased from Oembimmerparts.com, LLC and claimed to be defective.

Oembimmerparts.com, LLC agrees to provide a replacement for, but not pay for any labor that is required to remove or install or supplies which may be used or shipping costs.

Oembimmerparts.com, LLC will NOT be liable for any loss, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether based upon warranty, contract or negligence, and arising in connection with the sale, use or repair of the products.

This warranty does not under any circumstances extend to any product sold by Oembimmerparts.com, LLC which has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or use for any purpose other than its intended use. This warranty does NOT extend to or apply to any unit which has been repaired or altered.

                                                                Common Questions Regarding the Warranty of a Part

                                                          Question: What is the the warranty of the part I purchased?

                                                          Answer: The warranty is for 2 years from the original date of purchase

                                                  Question: Do I have to return a defective part in order to have it replaced?

                                                    Answer: Yes any part being claimed as defective must be sent back to us

                                                     Question: Who pays for the shipping cost to return a defective part?

                                    Answer: The buyer will be responsible for shipping a part that is returned after 30 days as defective

                                            Question: Do you cover the labor/supply costs involved in replacing a part under warranty?

                              Answer: NO we do not, This is a risk that is assumed by the buyer when sourcing parts to take to a shop

                                                                           Question: What does the 2 year warranty cover?

                                                   Answer: The warranty covers replacement of a defective part for up to 2 years

Requesting a Return Materials Authorization Number

A return materials authorization number (RMA) is required for all returns. RMA requests must be submitted in writing through one of two methods:

1) Generate your RMA online using our simple guided web form. Visit www.oembimmerparts.com/rma to get started.

2) Submit your information manually by printing our return and exchange form. Follow this link to download the form: Click here to download the return form.

To request an RMA, make sure you have reviewed the specific policies here for your category of return (new, warranty or core).

You may send your RMA# request email to returns@oembimmerparts.com. Please be sure to include the Order ID Number and reason for return.

After submitting your request for an RMA#, soon after, you will receive an email with complete return instructions, usually within one business day. This email will contain an RMA# and additional return shipping instructions. Do not ship your return before receiving your RMA email because NO credit will be issued for items returned without an RMA# or for parts not specifically listed on the RMA Request. Be sure to specify in your request ALL parts you would like to return.

General Return Instructions

Make certain your RMA number is displayed on the outside of the box. Include a copy of your RMA instruction email inside the box.

Return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility. COD shipments WILL NOT be accepted.

We highly recommend insuring your return shipment. Oembimmerparts.com, LLC will not be responsible for any lost or damaged returns.

Oembimmerparts.com, LLC reserves the right to delay issuance of credit pending manufacturer's inspection and approval of credit for the part(s) returned.

No credit will be issued for any parts or cores returned not originally purchased through Oembimmerparts.com, LLC.

Oembimmerparts.com, LLC will send you an email indicating the amount to be refunded back to you. Please note that credit on your credit card statement may not appear immediately, depending upon the policies of your credit card issuer.

Free Shipping: All parts (excluding cores) returned for reasons other than warranty or catalog/shipping (Oembimmerparts.com, LLC) error will be subject to a charge back of any applicable free shipping charges given on the original order

New Part Returns

You may request a refund of your purchase price (excluding any shipping charges paid by Oembimmerparts LLC) if the part:

Is returned WITHIN 45 days of the original invoice date.

Is NOT electrical/electronic in nature (i.e.,air mass meters, sensors,fans,resistors oxygen sensors, etc.).

Is NOT opened or show signs of being opened (Bag cut or torn open, box cut or torn open) Is NOT opened if the part is marked with a sticker indicating non-returnable once opened (i.e., gasket sets, repair manuals, etc.).

Does not have a note in the parts description indicating not returnable ( throttle housings, etc.).

Has NOT been installed,or altered in any way.

Does NOT have missing parts, hardware. If part is sold as a set, complete set must be returned.

Is returned in the original packaging and is in resalable condition; This includes the packing the part came in, If there are greasy hand prints,any added labels etc to the packing, It is not considered in new resalable condition and will not be credited.

Free Shipping & Discounted Rush Shipping: All parts (excluding cores) returned for reasons other than warranty or catalog/shipping (Oembimmerparts.com, LLC) error will be subject to a charge back of any applicable free or discounted rush shipping charges given on the original order.

Warranty Part Replacement

In general and unless otherwise specified, a part will be replaced under warranty (excluding shipping charges) if the part:

  • Is returned WITHIN 24 months of the original invoice date (unless a different warranty period is specified).
  • Has NOT been misused, neglected, subject to accident, improper installation or used for any purpose other than its intended use. Wear and tear is specifically EXCLUDED from ANY and ALL warranty coverage.
  • Is approved by manufacturer upon inspection and subject to its guidelines and limitations.
  • Is emptied of all fluids (if applicable).

Below are the two methods that you can use to receive your warranty replacement part.

  1. You can send your defective part to the address below and once it has been received by us we will promptly ship a replacement to you.
  2. You can place a new order through the website and pay for the part, Once you have received the new part you can then return the defective part to the address below. Once the defective part has been received we will promptly issue credit for the part that was purchased as a replacement.

Warranty Returns Must be shipped to Oembimmerparts LLC Attn: Warranty Dept. 310 Windcrest San Antonio,Tx 78239

Documentation Requirements

All manufacturers require a complete description of the failure in order for warranty coverage to apply. Simply stating "doesn't work" on your correspondence is not acceptable to most manufacturers. Please provide a complete description of the failure when you request an RMA number.

Limitations on warranty replacements exist on certain types of parts including but not limited to:

Brake Pads and Rotors: Squealing/squeaking of pads and/or warping of rotors are NOT valid warranty claims unless:

  1. All vehicle and brake component manufacturers' installation procedures were followed precisely.
  2. The problem began IMMEDIATELY upon installation and problem is reported and parts returned WITHIN 30 days of original invoice date. Any brake noise or warpage that begins more than 30 days after purchase is the result of driving conditions, driving style or related parts that were not replaced at the same time.
  3. Brake pads and rotors were replaced at the same time.
  4. No blue discolorations are present on brake rotors. Blue discoloration on a brake rotor is always the result of excessive heat caused by excessive brake pad-to-brake rotor contact.

Core Deposits and Core Returns

Certain types of parts are available in the industry as "remanufactured" (starters, alternators). Cores are the used parts that may be returned for credit when purchasing a remanufactured part.

If a core deposit is shown, this charge will be added to your total at the time of sale but is refunded upon the return of your original part.

Credit will be issued for core returns upon receipt, provided that cores are:

Received WITHIN 55 days of the original invoice date. No core deposits will be refunded for cores returned more than 55 days after the original invoice date.

Must be in original remanufacturer's box (the box the replacement part was originally packed in). No credit will be issued if not returned in the remanufacturer's box.

Core Return Shipping Charges: Core return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and are NOT refundable.

Follow this link to download and print the core return form:Click here to download the return form.

Items Lost or Damaged in Transit

For your protection, please inspect your package before signing for it and have the driver make note of any damage. If your order is damaged during shipping, please immediately notify the shipping carrier & Oembimmerparts.com, LLC so we can promptly file a damage claim with the carrier. All original shipping cartons and packing materials must be saved for inspection by the carrier. Discarding any of the original shipping/packing material will negate our ability to file a damaged package claim with the carrier. Any damage claim made after 15days of delivery will be on the purchasing party as we will not be responsible for damage claims after 15days of item being delivered.

Replacement orders shipped prior to completion of the carrier's investigation must be paid for in advance. However, upon completion of the investigation, If lost parts are found and delivered, a refund will be issued once they are returned to us.

If you would rather not pay for a replacement prior to the completion of the investigation, we can delay shipping your no-cost replacement, or issuing a refund, until the investigation is complete (or the parts have been found and returned to us).