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The BMW M3 has been around since 1985 in one or another of its incarnations. Upgrades have always been geared toward more powerful engines, enhanced suspension, braking, handling and improved aerodynamics. These are what bring the M3 into its "M"-ness. The M3 is a compact/executive/sports car that's actually won more awards in Motorsport than many prime vehicles in the market.

BMW M3 performance parts, including M3 E46 parts among others, can be found here for the various M3 permutations between the years 2001 and 2006. This includes both BMW M3 Series OEM & aftermarket parts. Not only is the selection wide, parts quality is unparalleled, and prices are deeply discounted on most items. We'll even include free shipping (within the continental United States) on orders totaling more than $55.