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BMW E70 X5 Parts

Appearance-wise, the E70 BMW X5 had a subtly different design. There was a 4.2-inch longer wheelbase. It was 2.4 inches wider and 6.5 inches longer. Performance-wise, there were noticeable improvements in the xDrive AWD system with a double wishbone suspension. New tech included iDrive, an electronic gearshift, active steering and damping and active anti-roll bars.

Not surprisingly, if you’re going to work on this instrument, you want all the right BMW X5 E70 OEM parts. Check out our inventory for the 2007-2013 BMW X5 genuine parts you need for Meyle suspension, filters, maintenance, fuel and emissions, fluids and oils, electrical components, cooling and heating and more. Whether OEM or BMW X5 aftermarket parts, we’ve collected the best Bimmer E70 car equipment from the finest manufacturers in the industry and brought them here just for you.