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BMW 1-Series Blower Motor Regulator Aftermarket 64119265892

BMW 1-Series Blower Motor Regulator By Febi 64119265892

List Price: $149.16
Sale Price: $68.60
Part Condition: New
Manufacturer: Behr-Febi Bilstein

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Our Part Number: 64119265892FSER1

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Blower motor regulator - Blower motor resistor. Made By Behr-Febi Bilstein.

Part# 64 11 9 265 892
Past Part # 64 11 9 222 072

Buyers Note: You should confirm that your part has failed before ordering, Electrical parts are not returnable. They are covered by a 2 year replacement warranty but are not returnable if the part does not fix your problem, IT IS NOT returnable for credit towards a new blower motor assembly.
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